A Foreclosure Story from Lake Worth

March 3, 2014

A local tv reporter has been doing a series on an abandoned bank owned house in Lake Worth.

The bank in this case is BOA.  The yard had become a dumping ground for garbage and trash, attracting rats to the neighborhood.  The trash included over 200 tires.  This is a small home in a residential neighborhood of modest homes, many still occupied.

Tired of the bad publicity, BOA decided to address the situation.  They hired a team of guys to move all 200 plus tires into the house, then board up the house.  Who but a big bank would have chosen that solution?

As the boarding up was in process, the TV cameras and code enforcement arrived.  A local tire service volunteered to haul away all the tires and did so. The BOA guys said they were just following orders.  A small group of neighbors said they would return today, finish bagging up the mounds of trash, and cleaning up the yard.

Code enforcement said they would levy some significant new fines, on top of the unpaid old fines.

BOA could not be reached for comment.

BOA’s actions on this one house just seemed to epitomize the banks’ idea of fixing the mess they made.

I would love to see the tires dumped in the nearest BOA lobby.  And everyone in Lake Worth refusing to use BOA.  I don’t want to think about the other homes filled with tires and trash and boarded up at the orders of BOA.