November 2016

A Rejection Of Politics As Usual

November 25, 2016 The Housing Justice Foundation

From Reuben Guttman for Law360:

Good trial lawyers know not to drink their own Kool-Aid. They view a case not just from their own vantage point but from the vantage point of their opponent. And at the end of a case they explore what was important to the jurors who rendered a verdict.

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The Foreclosure Vote

November 25, 2016 The Housing Justice Foundation

From Tom Adams for

The first map is from RealtyTrac, and indicates the states with the largest foreclosure inventory in 2012. The second is a map of the key battleground states. In 2008 and 2012, Obama won these states.

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NYT: How Letting Bankers Off the Hook May Have Tipped the Election

November 25, 2016 The Housing Justice Foundation

From Gretchen Morgenson at The New York Times:

There are many facets to the populist, anti-establishment anger that swept Donald J. Trump into the White House in Tuesday’s election. A crucial element fueling the rage, in my view, was this: Not one high-ranking executive at a major financial firm was held to account for the crisis of 2008.

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Who is Wilbur Ross?

November 25, 2016 Lynn Szymoniak

On Thanksgiving day, President-Elect Trump announced that he would name Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce.

Wilbur Ross was described in new reports as a “billionaire investor” who was also known as the “king of bankruptcy.” Ross was famous for buying and selling companies that had hit hard times and filed for bankruptcy.… [Read More]