A Rejection Of Politics As Usual

November 25, 2016

From Reuben Guttman for Law360:

Good trial lawyers know not to drink their own Kool-Aid. They view a case not just from their own vantage point but from the vantage point of their opponent. And at the end of a case they explore what was important to the jurors who rendered a verdict.
Now that the jurors have heard closing arguments and ruled in Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin with ballots that delivered the decisive electoral votes denying Hilary Clinton the presidency, the process of verdict analysis has begun.

Did Democrats drink their own Kool-Aid in convincing themselves that Secretary Clinton was the most qualified candidate ever and that only a “basket of deplorables” would vote for Mr. Trump?

In contemplating a framework for analysis, I am reminded of the 1979 movie “Norma Rae,” a film about a union organizing campaign at a southern textile plant. To paraphrase a line that a union organizer delivers to a plant manager in the movie: “The average working person isn’t stupid; he just gets tired.” Maybe this was the message that was sent by voters who cast ballots rejecting Hillary Clinton and making Donald Trump the nation’s 45th president.

Tired of what?