January 2018

The Ohio Supreme Court Acquiesces to Fraud

January 10, 2018 Lynn Szymoniak


“Whether the assignment was fraudulent is not relevant in this case…”

Chenault v. Deutsche Bank Natl. Trust Co., 2015-Ohio-1850

Appellants argue that the December 14, 2006 assignment is invalid due to a number of errors. Stephen Broviak, who Deutsche Bank claims executed the assignment, could not confirm that the signature on the assignment was his, stating that he did not recall signing the document, and the stamped name “Steve Broviak,” that appears by the signature line, is not how he signs his name; rather, he uses the name “Stephen.” (R.… [Read More]

Trusts Not Made

January 2, 2018 Lynn Szymoniak

2016 and 2017 were home building boom years. Well-known builders produced over 300,000 new homes, priced mostly from $250,000 to $600,000. Lennar Homes, the nation’s number one home builder, increased its closings from 30,455 in 2014 to 41,652 in 2016. Two publicly-owned builders, AV Homes and The New Home Company, doubled their yearly closings from 2014 to 2016.… [Read More]