Lynn Szymoniak

President and Founder

Lynn Szymoniak is an attorney who has been active in the South Florida area for thirty years. From cases ranging from civil rights issues, insurance fraud, and election procedures, Lynn Szymoniak has a reputation for being a dogged defender of justice and has been called as an expert witness for the United States Government. In 2010, facing foreclosure after being forced from work by breast cancer and to care for her ailing mother, Lynn Szymoniak noticed inconsistencies in the banks paperwork. This lead to the discovery of the illegal practice known as ‘robo-signing,’ where banks fake needed signatures to foreclose on homes. Lynn Szymoniak sued on behalf of the government, forcing the banks to date to pay out over $95 Million to HUD to be used for foreclosure relief, allowing people behind on their mortgages to find a way to stay in their homes. Lynn Szymoniak took her share of the settlement and founded the Housing Justice Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping the victims of foreclosure fraud and exposing the crimes of predatory lenders.